Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy with message to residents

cjos boddy

Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy spoke with Dock News on Monday morning about how he thinks things are going in the city during these unprecedented times. 

"Considering everything I think we've done a good job so far.  The numbers (local) don't seem to be climbing although we know they're likely getting worse but I see people keeping their distances while they're out". 

However Boddy is very concerned about local business, especially the smaller business owners who are taking a major hit. 

"Instead of buying from a big multi national coporation online, phone a local business and see if they'll deliver".  

Boddy says these people pay their taxes in town; they're your neighbours and sponsor your kids' teams and they're good community people.  

He says we need to keep their businesses open after we all get through this. 

Meanwhile he says city business is still getting done. 

City hall is at half staff but are focused on what's important right now - police, fire, water, waste water and garbage collection. 

Other things, he says, are taking a back seat for now. 

"We're prepared and we have an emergency disaster plan which includes a pandemic section.  We're ready!"

There's also going to be a special council meeting this week to amend procedural bylaws so not every member of council has to be at the meetings. 

They'll start virtual meetings soon with fewer members of council dialling in from home using technology. 

"Owen Sound, Grey Bruce - we're all in this together.  No borders.  Keep listening to the health experts and buy local when possible". 



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