Parole denied for man who attacked Gus with ax

cjos gus

The man who attacked an Owen Sound's family dog with an ax has been denied parole.  

Last week we reported that Candace and Martin Dean spoke at the hearing of 24 year old Wyatt Sturgeon who was up for early release after serving 5 months of his 18 month sentence for a number of offences including cruelty to animals.  

The Deans tell Dock News they were informed Tuesday night he won't be released at this time.  

The Deans meanwhile are being treated for PTSD in the wake of the incident last May in which their black lab 'Gus' was attacked by a stranger who broke into their home last May. 

The dog's injuries were so severe they had to put him down.

Court heard Sturgeon is being treated for bi-polar disorder. 

The Deans were concerned his release was too soon for him to get the councelling and help he needed to be integrated back into society.    

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