Sauble set for this weekend while merchants look for ambassadors

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Another test for Sauble Beach this weekend as temperatures soar.  

South Bruce Peninsula Mayor Janice Jackson says they're ready for visitors with a full complement of bylaw as well as back up from OPP paid duty officers.  

Jackson says things have been a little bit easier for their bylaw enforcement after the town made clear they wouldn't stand for any more abuse or flaunting of the rules.  

Some bylaw officers were threatened and run off the road earlier in the season after the city hired them to beef up security on the beach this year in light of the pandemic and health protocols. 

Jackson and the rest of council has been heavily criticized by Sauble business owners for closing the beach for a few weeks when overcrowding became an issue however she says other beach community mayors have told her they wish they had done the same.

The mayor also admits these are challenging times where everyone is in unchartered territory. 

"Its not time to be political.  Its a time to protect your community.  No matter what decisions we make as municipal leaders, we're going to upset people and we realize that.  If you're going to take one on the chin - you take one on the chin." 

Meanwhile Sauble merchants are trying to be part of the solution and are looking for volunteers willing to patrol the beach on busy weekends.  

The concept is to have groups of two people wearing identifiable markings walk the shore to chat with visitors and vacationers who may not know where amenities may be or what local rules of the beach are in place. It would be helpful if they could also advise people on local businesses and points of interest in the region.
It is expected the volunteers will be giving advice when asked and assist beach-goers how to outline a safe space on the beach for themselves and their families. They will carry a foam noodle to assist in demonstrating safe distances if necessary as well as carrying hand sanitizer and masks for those who feel they need them. 
It is expected these individuals will be required only on weekends during the day and the time commitment is expected to be around four to five hours per week. Although this is still to be determined it is dependent upon numbers of people available and how busy the weekend may be. 
This is a good opportunity for youths and retired folks who love to engage with people and enjoy walks on the sandy shores. Additionally students can use these hours toward their secondary school volunteer credits.
Anyone wishing to volunteer is asked to contact Morley Lymburner at


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