Saugeen Shores council rejects proposal for North Shore Road

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Saugeen Shores Council has rejected a temporary plan to deal with damage from high water levels along North Shore Road.

The plan included turning one of the road's lanes of traffic into a pedestrian/cycling trail while North Shore Road was turned into a one-way street from McVicar to Hilly Lane. 

More than 1,500 respondents took part in the Town's survey to gauge public interest in the proposal.

Some of the findings include:

"    37% of all respondents preferred North Shore Road remain a two-way street with pedestrians and cyclists using the roads

"    52% of all respondents indicated they would prefer North Shore Road become a temporary one-way street with a dedicated trail for the summer

"    11% of all respondents voted to close the trail

"    14% of respondents live on roads in the area that may be impacted by the active transportation corridor. Of these respondents, 43% were in favour of the one-way option; 43% preferred the road remain a two-way street; and 9% recommended closing the trail

When asked how a one-way street would affect them, respondents said they would need to drive farther to do errands (26%) or to get to work (8%).

Just over a quarter of respondents said they would feel safer using a dedicated trail (28%) and 17% indicated they would feel safer using the trail during COVID-19.
"It is excellent to see this level of public engagement for a proposal like this," said Mayor Charbonneau. "Thank you to all who shared their input on this important feature of our community."

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