Saugeen Shores targeting distracted drivers

cjos distracted driving

On Friday, February 21st the Saugeen Shores Police will be conducting enhanced enforcement targeting distracted drivers.  

“Operation Hands Free” will continue until March 6th.  

“The use of hand held devices continues to be a problem”, said Constable Rose Witteveen.  “Even with stiffer penalties drivers still don’t seem deterred to put the phone down”, Witteveen added. 

An area of concern is the use of devices while stopped at red lights.  As long as the vehicle is in live traffic, even when stopped at a light, the operator is subject to sanctions if caught using a hand held device.    

It has now been over a year since the province implemented higher penalties.   

What Counts as Distracted Driving ( It is illegal to: 

• use a phone or other hand-held wireless communication device to text or dial – you can only touch a device to call 911 in an emergency

• use a hand-held electronic entertainment device, such as a tablet or portable gaming console

• view display screens unrelated to driving, such as watching a video

• program a GPS device, except by voice commands 
The following information outlines the fines and suspensions that violators face. 

***If you have an A, B, C, D, E, F and/or G licence 

For your first conviction: 
 fine of up to $1,000 
 three demerit points 
 three-day day driver’s licence suspension 

For your second conviction within 5 years: 
 fine of up to $2,000 
 six demerit points 
 seven-day driver’s licence suspension 

For your third and all subsequent convictions within 5 years: 
 fine of up to $3,000 
 six demerit points 
 30-day driver’s licence suspension 

Novice drivers 
If you hold a G1, G2, M1 or M2 licence, and are convicted of distracted driving, you’ll face the same escalating fines as drivers with A to G licences but you won’t receive any demerit points. 

 Instead of demerit points you’ll face: 
 30-day licence suspension for a first conviction 
 90-day licence suspension for a second conviction 
 cancellation of your licence and removal from the Graduated Licensing System (GLS) for a third conviction 

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