Wiarton Issues Release on Absence of Willie

Wiarton Willie

Town of South Bruce Peninsula

315 George Street
PO Box 310
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0


February 3, 2021 at 4:45 pm

Is Willie dead or alive?  Would you question the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? 

Whether or not a groundhog is present on Groundhog Day, the point is for the day to be light-hearted and the community to just have fun!  

Groundhog Day is not just a day for people in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, it is a frame of mind.  It came about as a way to break up the winter doldrums and has become a yearly tradition.  It has supplied many fun-filled memories for thousands of people over the past 65 years. 


Organizations such as the Lion’s Club, Curling Club, Propeller Club (Meeting Place), St. John’s United Church (to name a few) have been able to use this weekend as an opportunity to fundraise for their causes.   Businesses have been able to enjoy some economic spin off from additional traffic to the area during a slower time of year.  

Groundhog Day has been about so much more than a groundhog (of which there have been many) over the years.  It has been about a community coming together to have fun with each other.  Dances, pageants, hockey tournaments, curling bonspiels, pancake breakfasts and many other events which have made the festival more popular each year. 

This year marked the 65th anniversary of Mac McKenzie throwing a fur hat in the snow to make the initial prediction and all that followed possible. We decided to honour Mac and the past Mayors by having history repeat itself and yes, this was planned. 

This event is not about Willie (the groundhog) and truthfully it never has been.  This is about a Town full of community spirit where people come together to help and support one another, share in successes, celebrate our history and enjoy each other’s company or at least that was how it all started 65 years ago.  To that end we would encourage everyone to be kind and to join us next year for what will hopefully be a live celebration hosted by our fantastic community, filled with events and memories for everyone.

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