Paula Abdul Opens Up About Work She Had Done


Paula Abdul has opened up about the work she had done on her face and arms earlier this year.

“I was out, walking around two or three days later,” the 57-year-old “Straight Up” star said on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show that aired Thursday. She said the procedures on her jawline, neck and lower face (“I wanted a little sleeker jawline”) as well as on her arms took about an hour and left no visible scars.

“Women of our age, we start really looking for aesthetic treatments that resonate with you,” Abdul explained. “I was thinking, ‘I'm going to have my residency, I want to do something,’ but I wasn't ready to have the big incisions or any facelift.”

At the same time Abdul launched her Forever Your Girl residency at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, she was introduced as a brand ambassador for InMode’s BodyTite and FaceTite procedures. 

“I can do bicep and tricep workouts as much as anyone else,” she said, in a release from the company, “but as you get older, there is only a certain amount of tone and shape that you can have.”

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