Challenge Accepted! Dave Grohl Does a Drum Battle w/a 10-Year-Old Girl

Drum Battle - Everlong

Dave Grohl had a drum battle with a ten-year-old girl. He posted a video of him playing the song "Everlong" while tagging ten-year-old Nandi Bushell telling her it's her move. This came after Nandi tweeted earlier this month that it would be a dream to jam with Dave Grohl. Dave thanked Nandi for the inspiration to play the songs he hasn't played for a long time and also thanked his daughter Harper for letting him borrow her drum set.

Elvis Costello has released a song that he calls the B-side of his new single “We Are All Cowards Now" -- and it's one of the strangest songs in his entire catalog. “Phonographic Memory” is a spoken-word piece over an acoustic guitar that imagines a post-war ceremony involving an archive recording of the voice of Orson Welles and someone identified as “President Swift." Elvis Costello's new album Hey Clockface, which doesn't contain "Phonographic Memory," is out October 30th.

The National’s drummer Bryan Devendorf has released a surprise solo project. Royal Green's self-titled debut is a mix of originals and covers, which includes a new version of the National rarity “Halo Chagrin." The album is set for December 11th. Check out the a video for "Breaking the River".