DAVE GROHL: Another Drum Challenge For 10-Year-Old Nandi

Dave Grohl Continues His Drum Battle

Dave Grohl has continued that drum battle between him and ten-year-old Nandi Bushell. Nandi won the first round so Dave had to step it up by writing a theme song for her. He says every superhero needs a theme song and then thanked the "Grohlettes" for the background vocals. During the first round Nandi kicked off the drum-off by playing "Everlong."

Eddie Vedder has made a song from his score to the Robert F. Kennedy documentary, Return to Mount Kennedy, to raise money for a charity. Two versions called, "Cartography," are being issued by the Sub Pop Singles Club -- Eddie's original and a remix by Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner. Proceeds will go to Fair Fight, a non-profit that fights voter suppression. You can watch both versions in the blogs sec. The original is audio-only, while Nick Zinner's remix is with scenes from the film.

It looks like people used the quarantine to learn how to play guitar. The chief executive of Fender, Andy Mooney, says Fender is selling a record amount of guitars. The company saw almost a 600-percent increase in sales from March to June. He says they are also seeing a record increase in the sale of beginner gear.