Dogs Really Might Be Our Best Friend


We love our dogs for their love and companionship. We love those stories where the dog saves someone from a fire but did you know they might be saving our health as well?

A new study looked back at 70 years' worth of research, and found people with dogs are less likely to die young in general. Researchers recently looked at the medical records of about four million people from the U.S., Canada, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K.  And they found people with dogs are 24% less likely to die young fo any reason. Dog owners also have a 31% reduced risk of dying from heart disease.  And when they do have a heart attack or stroke, they tend to recover faster.

If you live alone, having a dog made an even bigger difference for you health. The authors found that the companionship has a lot to do with being heart healthy as does the more exercise you get when owning a dog.  Plus. just petting your dog can help lower your blood pressure.


So the moral of the story? Pet those dogs and get healthy!