Freezer Burnt Ice Cream? Em can fix that!

ems banana split

These hot summer days call for one thing and one thing only... ICE CREAM! But how disappointing is it when you head to the freezer, open up that carton of cookie dough deliciousness and you find... freezer burn. 


Worry not fellow ice cream lover! I have a trick for you to help prevent freezer burn from crushing your ice cream dreams ever again. 

It's all about how you store the ice cream. First off, don't let your ice cream melt! You want it to stay COLD! Make sure your freezer is at the proper temperature which is about 0° F. You also need to keep your ice cream at the BACK of the freezer, not in the door. If its in the door, whenever you open it, it's gonna melt. 

HOW it sits inside your freezer is the most important part.


Seriously! Flip the thing upside down! That way anything that's already melted on the top, will stay on the top and not potentially ruin the rest of your ice cream. 

OH and make sure you check that the lid is on TIGHT before you flip it... trust me on that one. 

- Em