G. Love - "Shake Your Hair"

G. Love released the song and the video for,

G. Love released the song and the video for, "Shake Your Hair," a third animated video off his upcoming album The Juice, which is out Friday.

Beck has released a remix of "Uneventful Days" done by St. Vincent. She says, "I guess I was listening to a lot of '70s Herbie [Hancock] and War at the time and wondering how much funk was inside me, too. I sent it to Beck and he dug it, but he said 'it should be 3 [beats per minute] faster.' And what do you know? HE WAS SO RIGHT. It made all the difference in the groove." January 28th, they'll perform as part of the massive Prince tribute put together by the Grammys.



Pearl Jam are teasing something on their social media accounts. Friday afternoon they asked fans to download an Instagram lens and to look for the band at certain locations in 11 cities around the world. Fans have come up with numerous theories, but with the 11 cities, most are predicting new tour dates or perhaps a new album.