Gnyp and his Kimchi

My first attempt at Kimchi!


I am a huge fan of Kimchi and I eat it a lot! I thought that I may as well try to make it myself! I found an easier version that didn't use too many ingredients!


Gnyp and his Kimchi



4 pounds of Napa cabbage

1 bunch green onion, trimmed

2 large carrots, peeled, thinly sliced

¼ cup kosher salt

1/3 cup Korean chili powder

Red Pepper Flakes to taste

12-15 cloves garlic, peeled

5 inches ginger, peeled, roughly chopped

¾ Tbsp fish sauce

2-3 Tbsp white miso paste

Unsweetened apple juice or unsweetened pear juice





Cut Napa in half the long way and then in half again the long way

Cut out cores of quarters.

Cut cabbage into 2-3 inch squares.

Add to a large bowl with carrots.

Sprinkle in Kosher salt and combine to make sure everything is coated.

Should start to soften and wilt.

Cover with distilled water and soak for at least 2 hours.

Pour cabbage and carrots into strainer. Drain the brine away.

Cut off whites of green onion.

In a food processor, add the whites, garlic cloves, ginger, miso paste and Korean pepper powder.

Process until into fairly smooth.

Add the fish sauce and combine.

Add some apple/pear juice until you get a thin “pancake” batter consistency.

Using a glass or stainless steel bowl, add the brined cabbage/carrots along with the chopped green parts of the onions.

Pour chili paste combo over cabbage.

Wear gloves to hand mix. Make sure everything is completely covered.

Using canning jars, start to pack the kimchi into them.

Add as much as you can to the jars.

Place lid and ring on jar but don’t screw it too tightly, because you could have a Kimchi volcano!

Place on a rimmed baking sheet to catch any spill outs from the jars.

Allow to sit at room temperature for a minimum of 72 hours. It should start to bubble and be very fragrant.

Once a day, release air bubbles with a knife/chopstick/spoon.

You may need to add some brine to keep all vegetables submerged and covered.

Kimchi can last for 4-6 months in the fridge.

Make sure the veggies are covered the whole time.

The longer it sits…..the stronger the flavour!