KILLERS: Album Release Date and New Video

Killers - My Own Soul's Warning

The Killers have a new release date for their sixth studio album, Imploding the Mirage, and a brand new video. The album was first set to be out May 29th, but fell victim to the coronavirus. It's now due out August 21st. "My Own Soul's Warning" was released a month ago and accompanied by a visualizer clip. The official video came out yesterday.

Portugal the Man posted a three-minute video explaining the mission of their PTM Foundation, which officially launched this week. The clip also offers background on why they started the charity, which is dedicated to building resilience, empathy and awareness in indigenous communities through music, stories, art, education and connectivity.



Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam took up Eddie Vedder's request to do the Trick Shot for Snowy challenge. The ALS fund-raiser set up by the Calgary Flames after the team's assistant general manager, Chris Snow, was diagnosed with ALS. Eddie posted a video of himself surfing and hitting a baseball last week. Jeff didn't do that, but combined his love of skateboarding and basketball, and posted a video of it on Pearl Jam's Twitter.