Nightmares, Nightmares and More Nightmares!


Have you ever dreamed you were late for work? 


According to a new study, it's one of the most common nightmares we have. 


Here are the top 10 . . .



1.  Dreams where you're falling.  65% of us have experienced that one.

2.  Being chased, 63%.

3.  Dying, 55%.

4.  Feeling lost, 54%.


5.  Feeling trapped, 52%.

6.  Being attacked, 50%.

7.  Missing an important event, 44%.

8.  Waking up late for work, 43%.

9.  Sex-related stuff, 40%.

10.  A loved one dying, 36%.



Some of the jobs where you're most likely to dream about being late for work include:  Teachers ,construction workers ,food service workers , people in retail, members of the military and people in finance.



Of course I had to check into the psyche of the people I work with!:  People who work in broadcasting and entertainment are more likely to dream about missing a deadline . . . and about being NAKED at work.  This is why I work alone!