RAY LaMONTAGNE: New Album June 26th

Ray LaMontagne - Strong Enough

Ray LaMontagne has a new album on the way June 26th. It's called Monovision, and Ray produced, engineered and played all the instruments on it. It contains the recently released single "We'll Make it Through" and the brand-new track "Strong Enough," which is out now. Ray's last album was is 2018 called Part of the Light.

Twenty One Pilots have released a new lyric video for "Level of Concern" that’ll take some people back to their first computer. The band got artist Pinot Ichwandardi to make animations for the clip on Macintosh computers from the '80s. After the song is done, the rest of the video shows how the animations were made.

Pearl Jam have released a behind-the-scenes look at the production of their animated "Renegade" video. The clip was made while stay-at-home orders were in effect.