St. Vincent Loves Jeopardy

St. Vincent



Brief pause in MFBL posts for this — ?!!?!!!???!!!?!!!??!

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St. Vincent is very happy this week as she got to be a question (or an answer, depending on your perspective) on Jeopardy Monday night. Watch the clip she posted on Instagram.

The Jayhawks have released a video from their upcoming album XOXO, which is out July 10th. Check out "Dogtown Days".

First it was Lollapalooza being canceled, now a new report says that Coachella won't happen this fall -- and might not return until late 2021. The promoter, Goldenvoice is "still trying to determine whether the two-weekend, 125,000-person-per-day festival will make a limited-capacity return in April 2021 or a larger, higher capacity comeback in October 2021." 40-percent of ticket buyers have requested refunds for this year’s festival after it shifted from April to October, they're "holding off on making a final rescheduling decision until there is more clarity on the pandemic’s overall trajectory."