The End Of An Era in Entertainment

Pre-game festivities with The Pistons

This Saturday, July 11th, the Palace of Auburn Hills will be imploded by 800 pounds of dynamite. It’s an end of 3 decades of Detroit history. The big boom will happen at 8 a.m.  22 reinforced concrete columns that are 4 feet in diameter along with the roof structure that they support will be imploded. It will take roughly 4 to 5 seconds for the roof to fall to the ground.

The Palace of Auburn Hills  opened on August 13th, 1988 with a Sting concert. The final show was September 23, 2017 with Bob Seger taking the stage singing as his final song “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”.

If you are planning on checking out the implosion, many roads in the vicinity will be closed for safety reasons.