21 Pilots - Level of Concern

A new Instagram filter lets you to take the place of drummer Josh Dun in Twenty One Pilots' new "Level of Concern video. You can get it on the band's Instagram. Tap the smiley face and then the video and your picture will replace his in the second half of the clip. Twenty One Pilots will give "Level of Concern" its live debut Friday on Fallon.

The latest "No Fun Mondays" cover from Billie Joe Armstrong is a '70s pop hit. "That's Rock 'n' Roll" was hit for teen idol Shaun Cassidy in 1977 but was written and first released in 1976 by Eric Carmen.



Elton John tweeted a short thank-you note to Bono, who wrote to him, thanking him and Bernie Taupin for writing “Daniel,” one of the 60 songs that Bono says saved his life. Elton says, “It’s so kind of you to include ‘Daniel’ on such a special playlist. I’m humbled that our song had such a profound effect on you.”