VIDEO: If Cornell Sang Eilish's Bond Theme

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die

14 years ago, the late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden wrote and recorded the theme to the James Bond movie Casino Royale, "You Know My Name." Now YouTube star Anthony Vincent imagines how Cornell might have sung Billie Eilish's title theme to the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die. He even looks kind of like Cornell.



Meanwhile, Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni has donated $20,000 from the sales of their cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares to U” to the International Rescue Committee. She announced it on Instagram with a post that begins, “Nothing compares to you daddy…”

The late Amy Winehouse has been inducted onto London's Music Walk of Fame. It took place in the Camden neighborhood of London, where Amy grew up. This was just the second Music Walk of Fame ceremony. The Who were the first inductees last November. Madness and Soul II Soul were also honored. An official Amy Winehouse Instagram account was launched this week.