We'll Switch Off Within Three Minutes of Getting Bored with a Conversation


According to a new survey, we'll check out within THREE MINUTES when we're bored and we'll start randomly nodding our heads and saying "Hmm" to make the other person think we're listening. I know we have all done this at least once today! I know I have been caught "listening" by the unexpected question.....oops!


So what topics are the most likely to make us tune out?


Here are your Top 10


Celebrity gossip



Fashion trends

Beauty trends

The stock market

Online dating


Hair styles.


And a few that just missed the top 10 are:  Someone else's wedding . . . mortgages . . . someone else's vacation . . . someone else's pets . . . traffic . . . climate change . . . and someone else's hopes and dreams. 


Now I bet we are all going to keep an eye out for the head bob and the Hmmmm's