Who was/is your #1 role model?

Gnyp's Parents

       Sure when we were growing up, most of the time we looked up to rock stars and famous people but as we go older, our heroes changed!


Recently they did a survey which asked about role models and it turns out nearly 3/4 of us have had a role model at some point in our lives!

  Here are the top ten . . .


1.  Dad.  

2.  Mom, 

3.  A favorite teacher, 

4.  A celebrity.

5.  A coach or instructor.

6.  A historical figure.

7.  A manager or boss.

8.  A pastor or youth leader.

9.  A family friend.

10.  A close friend of your own.



56% of us consider ourselves to be a role model to someone else.


What was the best pieces of advice we've gotten from our role models? 

"Don't worry what other people think"

"Be proud of who you are"

"Just be yourself." 


I have to be honest - My mother and my father are my role models as is my sister Dina. They honestly taught me some amazing lessons!