Everyday Payday - Win up to $10K!


We’re giving away $100 a day, $2000 every Tuesday, and in October someone will win the $10K Payday! The River’s Everyday Payday begins Sept 8th! 

Listen to The River for your cue to text, press send and you’re in for some happiness! Monday and Wednesday through Friday we'll announce a digit from The River’s Everyday Payday PIN at 9am 2pm and 5pm. 

When you have the final digit at 5pm text us all 3 digits of the PIN and you’re in for 100 dollars that day and you’re in for our $10K Payday in October! Weekends are wild, the cue to text happening any time

Tuesdays are special with more chances to win $2K every Tuesday! Listen Tuesdays at 8am, 9am, and 11am in the morning and 2pm and 4pm for the cue to text.  Every time you hear the cue to text send us that keyword and you’re in for that week’s $2K. 

Each keyword you enter is another ticket into the 2k Tuesday. The more you listen the more chances you have to win!