Blue Code

Code Blue Contest - banner FINAL 2

Embrace the blue and win some green in the process! Enter this week's 'Blue Code' with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba for your chance to win $500 cash! 

You can find this week's 'Blue Code' by downloading the free 'Recyclepedia' app from Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba. Input the codeword below and be entered to win $500, to be awarded this Waste Reduction Week on Friday, October 23rd. 

MMSM's 'Recyclepedia' app is a fun way to find out what is and isn't recyclable. We know most packaging and paper can be recycled, but what about more specific items like aluminum, glass and plastics? Learn more by downloading the app today. 

Also visit MMSM's website to download your official Recycling Guide. On it, you'll find locations where you can take items that can't be put in your blue box but can still be recycled.