Adopted! HTZ Hounds: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Sophie

Sophie Cover

Hey there HTZ Nation, it's Jonathon here, trying to make sure I don't adopt more dogs than I should by telling you about them. Seriously though, today's dog would be an awesome addition anyone's family, and espicially if your pup wants a friend. From Niagara Dog Rescue, meet Sophie!

Sophie is a 9 month old puppy looking for her forever home. She is a unique mix of Husky, Shepherd and Boxer and currently weighs about 35 lbs. She gets along with adults, kids and other dogs.

This sweet girl finds herself in amazing foster home and has made great progress on her confidence. She might benefit from having another dog to learn from and look to in the home. Sophie is still learning to be comfortable with loud noises and quick movements, while she decompresses in her foster home. She is a great example of a dog who will follow the 3-3-3 rule. 

The dog you get on day one with Sophie is not the same dog you'll have after 3 months. When I brought home my 10 month old rescue, it took time time for him to be comfortable in our home. It can take 3 days for the overwhelmed feeling to subside, 3 weeks for the dog to start picking up your routine and 3 months to finally feel completely secure in their new home with you. This isn't hard and fast rule, but in the case of a dog like Sophie, it's a good thing to remeber, and can help you understand some of her behaviours while she settles into your forever home.

You can read more about sweet Sophie on the NDR website here. You can also fill out an application to adopt Sophie here. A great way to help Sophie build that confidence, is by taking her to new spaces for training. What better place to visit than our friends at Vansickle Pet Valu and Pet Valu on the Lane. Adopt Sophie, and you can bring her in for 15% off your first purchase, a free pet bath and a free bag of dog food! I have no doubts that  Sophie will find her forever home asap but please like and share to help her out! Remember, no one can do everything but everyone can do something.