ADOPTED! HTZ Houndz: Adoptable Dog of the Week – Blake


Hey HTZ Nation, it’s Jonathon back with another HTZ Hound: Adoptable Dog of the Week. This week’s dog is Blake; a gentle giant, in search of his forever home. Blake is originally from Iran, where as a puppy he unfortunately suffered trauma and injuries after abuse from children. However, Blake has made incredible progress since coming to Canada. He is ready for a home and a family to call his own. 

Blake is tall and long with a beautiful shiny black coat. Despite his size, he is very gentle with small dogs, and has been friendly with all dogs he has met in foster care. Blake has been working on his stranger danger, and has come along way, even warming up to strangers within an hour or so of meeting them. Though he has made leaps and bounds it should be noted that he is extremely apprehensive of men. Also, Blake has not had any supervised interaction with cats, so we aren’t sure how he would do in a home with feline friends.

            Blake is an active dog, who would love to be your running or hiking partner this summer. His Niagara Dog Rescue foster has said he is becoming less of a barker over time and learns remarkably quick. Personally, Blake reminds me a lot of my old dog Curtis, who was a real mixed bag. The puppy we adopted as a “black lab-border collie” grew to have a beard and more features that resemble a big dog like an Irish Wolfhound, than a medium sized collie dog. But he was the perfect companion, a gentle giant with a big heart. That’s the impression I get of Blake. 

            Blake has come so far as a dog both literally, coming from Iran, and figuratively, overcoming trauma and abuse to where he is now. Blake has worked hard, and it’s time now for him to find his forever home.  Please read more about Blake here, and fill out an application to adopt through Niagara Dog Rescue here. 

            Can’t adopt right now or looking to support Niagara Dog Rescue in other ways? Niagara Dog Rescue has a plant sale fundraiser happening right now. Orders can be placed online and come with free delivery when you purchase over $45. Also, are your empties piling up while in self-isolation? Niagara Dog Rescue are accepting them and arranging for contact less pickup by a volunteer.  For more information on ways to support Niagara Dog Rescue, head over to their Facebook or Instagram page.

            Once again thank you to all the fosters, vet’s and vet techs, shelter volunteers, and anyone else making a difference in the lives of an animal looking for their forever home amid Covid – 19. Thank you.