ADOPTED! HTZ Houndz: Adoptable Dog of The Week – Esme


Hey all you cool cats and kit…. Uhhh never mind. In all seriousness, I hope you haven’t blown through ALL your Netflix picks yet. If you have, maybe now is the time to consider giving your free time to a new best friend. I suggested that to my girlfriend’s brother, Liam, and he actually recently became a foster for Niagara Dog Rescue. After going through the application process, Liam was paired with Esme. 

Esme is a 3-year-old Airedale Terrier/Lab cross, which gives her a distinct wiry coat with a reddish blonde colouring. If you’re a fan of scruffy dogs, she’s the girl for you. She is also incredible playful and cheeky. I visited Liam about 24 hours after he had gotten her home. What was once a very shy, timid, shelter dog was slowly coming out of her shell since getting to be in a home with a regular human companion. She was happy to play games of tug with rope toys, or chew on her squeaker toy. She only paused when she deemed it was time for some head scratches and pets.

            When I asked Liam to describe her now, after being in his care for over a week, he says “Esme is a timid girl, with tons of loving characteristics once she warms up to you. She is pretty easily won over with some good treats or scratches. She’ll literally melt into your lap like she’s made of water”. When she went into Liam’s care, Esme was having some trouble with house training, but now she’s learned to communicate to her human when she needs to go out. “She’s vocal and very smart knows how to get your attention”.

            Both Liam and I agree Esme is going to make an amazing pet for someone very soon. She is good with other dogs after proper introductions but will need a cat free home. Also a home without children under 10 would be best for Esme as she is still learning her manners and how to play. I know Liam loves having Esme around, but he knows what an amazing dog she is becoming and is very excited to see her go to her forever home. If you'd like to learn more about Esme, check out her profile here.

            I also asked Liam what he thought of his experiences thus far as a foster. “As for fostering I think it’s been an awesome experience in how you can bond with any dog even in a pretty short amount of time and that with love, they’re always willing to learn and look to you for guidance”. If that sounds like a rewarding experience, and something you’d enjoy, please click here to become a foster for a dog in need. 
If you want to give Esme, or another Niagara Dog Rescue animal like Loki, or White Sox their forever home, click here to fill out an application for adoption. Take care, hug your love ones and please consider giving a dog in need, their forever home today.