ADOPTED! HTZ Houndz – Adoptable Dog of the Week: Loki


Hey HTZ listeners, it’s Jonathon. Hope self-isolation isn’t making you stir crazy. For me, whenever I get that itch to go somewhere, I step outside to my yard with my dog Finn.  A half hour of Frisbee throwing, both he and I are ready to settle back into our spots on the couch and pick back up on whatever Crave TV show I’m watching. Even with social distancing, it’s important to get the fresh air in our noggins whenever possible. That’s the great thing about having a dog, forces you out to the fresh air multiple times a day.

            If you need an excuse to get out of self-isolation and play, may I introduce Loki! He may be named after the God of Mischief, but this boy is as loyal and obedient as they come, even if he’s sticking his tongue out at you. I spent some time with Loki a few weeks back, and at first he seemed to be all business. Happy to be out of the kennel and walking with volunteer Steph, Loki pretty much ignored me. Loki unfortunately deals with some stranger danger senses, so meeting new people can be a bit overwhelming. 

However, once I took the leash and he saw we had the same goal (to keep walking forward and explore as much as possible), he settled right down with me. Along the walk, Loki demonstrated all the amazing traits and training he has picked up in his time with Niagara Dog Rescue. From sitting at cross walks and waiting for traffic to pass, to walking perfectly calm at my side even with dog’s barking and other distractions around him.  All Loki wants to do is follow commands and find a loving home. 


Loki is dog and cat friendly but will do best in a home with no children, as they can be overwhelming and he can be very protective of his family. He is crate trained as well, loves a good belly rub and to give kisses once he warms up to you. Loki needs an experienced owner who will support his training, and help him with his fear of strangers. Niagara Dog Rescue has already put in so much work, and Loki continues to show more and more improvement. His furever home would be supplied with a training plan by the NDR team to ensure Loki can keep showing these improvements once he’s home with his adopter(s). In addition, for every one training session you sign up for with Dankroft K9, they will give you a free training session. 

            Loki is a really special boy who has so much love to give to a family, and if you’re committed to him and his plan, I have no doubt’s Loki will blossom into a dog you will love with all your heart. If you’d like more information on Loki, click here. Be sure to share Loki and check out all the available dogs at Niagara Dog Rescue here or follow them on instagram. Be safe, and get outside, even just for a short while, with your new four-legged best friend.

P.S. I’m overjoyed to share that HTZ Hounds Alumni Kaia and Tango have both found homes, and White Sox seems to be generating a lot of interest. If you’re adopting or fostering, please be patient with the volunteers at Niagara Dog Rescue while they sort through applications. This process can take up to two weeks, but I promise it will be worth wait the wait. Cheers