Adopted! HTZ Houndz: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Moe

Moe cover

Hey HTZ Nation, Jonathon here with your HTZ Houndz: Adoptable Dog of the Week. As you can imagine, it can be hard to see all these pups and not want to adopt them myself. Every so often, its extremely difficult because i know a dog is perfect for me and my family. Unfortunately, I don't have the space for two dogs right now, which is why I really need someone out there to adopt this guy. From Niagara Dog Recue, meet Moe!

Moe is a 16 month old Hound Mix who weighs about 70 lbs. When I tell you this guy loves everybody, i mean everybody! He gets along great with every human he meets including kids. Maybe no small children because of his size, but that could also be worked on. He gets along with other dogs, and even has a cat that he has regular interected with on property.

This guy still has plenty of puppy energy, and loves a kong or antler to chew on when bored. Moe is very treat motivated, so training should be a smooth process for both owner and dog. And like most hound dogs, when he's not playing, he is laid back guy who just wants to be with his people.

Does Moe sound like the right dog for your family? Read more about him by checking out his profile here. You can also start the adoption process by filling out an application here. If you adopt Moe, or any HTZ Houndz dogs, you'll recieve 15% off your first purchase at Vansickle Road Pet Valu or Lundy's Lane Pet Valu, as well as a free bag of dog food and a free pet bath. Moe would definitely appreaciate you getting some solid chew toys for him to get started. As always, remember to like and share with friends and family to help this guy find his forever asap. Also, do so, so that i don't adopt him lol.... take care!