Bike Night - August 3rd


Down at CLARE'S Harley- Davidson of Niagara, the #HTZFMRoadies got the chance to meet some of the members of the Bikers Against Child Abuse International 's Niagara chapter this evening. 


Their president, Smokey (third from right) gave us the low-down on the great work this organization  does for the young victims of abuse in Niagara. They're a dozen hard fellas and ladies who connect with troubled, bullied or abused kids and work to help them feel safe and comfortable with the adults in their lives. 


Smokey tells us they often appear in court to help young victims caught in legal battles, and will make house calls when needed. 


Since 2012 they've lived by the ideal that as long as there are people who care about the well being of their youth, and have the dedication to make a difference, those children should have someone to lean on. 


Great work, folks! Hope to see you again soon!