Bike Night - FINAL 2018


Tonight, we close off the final chapter of Clare's Bike Night 2018.

Though it felt like these Thursdays flew by at the speed of summer, we learned a lot about this robust, tightly-knit, deeply misunderstood community. 


Firstly, though it may seem obvious, biking isn't about subscribing to an image; it's a means of travel! Some choose to lean into the scruff biker image, some folks we met just enjoy the hobby. 


We met people who take great pride in their steeds- bikers who maintain their ride themself, some who customize from the inside out. The engineering and artistic talent of this region is just astounding in this community. 


There were a great number of stories collected from a uniquely motorcycle perspective, as well. Guests told us tales of love, loss, and living on their bikes, and it shone a very positive light on the lifestyle. From couples meeting via bike clubs, to regular people finding purpose through their road-bretheren. 


Lastly, we have to acknowledge the selflessness we saw through some of the groups that rolled in week after week, representing charities and organizations that really meant something to the members. So many that ride, do so for a cause, be it helping underprivelaged children, raising money for cancer research or advocating for animal shelters, they all showed a side to bikers most people tend not to see. 


It's been a wild ride in every sense of the word, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more interesting demographic to put in a big parking lot together. 

Props to Lisa and CLARE'S Harley- Davidson of Niagara for putting together such a vibrant set of events in such a vibrant city. 


Hope to see you guys next year.