Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch-The Guess Who-April Wine) hangs at HTZ

Rock n Sock 'Em Robot Rock n' Roll - Paulie Morris v. Carl Dixon

Carl Dixon, lead singer of Coney Hatch, dropped by to plug a show he’s doing tonight in Niagara Falls at the Seneca Theatre. CLICK HERE for info

It was chance to catch up and talk about his tenure with The Guess Who, April Wine and the future Coney Hatch gigs. Carl is also is an “inspirational” speaker and speaks to groups about the healing power of teamwork and music. In 2008 Carl was in a violent car accident which left him with a traumatic brain injury and 50 other serious injuries including collapsed lungs, crushed legs and crushed right arm. He was not expected to walk or talk again - let alone play music. The outlook was bleak....they removed one eye and worse was to come. But he fought back and is living to tell about his incredible story.

Tonight however, its about music.

Check out the interview. With Linkin Park’s, Chester Bennington’s suicide very much in the music news, I ask him what he might have said to Chester two days ago in his darkest hours.

For more on Carl and future shows and speaking engagements, check out his website: