Foo Fighter's Want You to See This Amazing Mashup "Ever Love"

foo pic

I absolutlely love when songs get mashed up together to create something new and cool. Bands like U2 and Green Day commonly play covers in their setlists, but it always seems to be unknown artists who get really creative with their covers. That's where Elise Trouw comes in. Two days ago, I'd never heard of her, and then yesterday, while mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, I came across a tweet with youtube link from the Foo Fighter's.

I checked it out thinking maybe it was a teaser for a new song with some new artist, but instead what I found gave me chills (such a cringy internet descriptor). But it really did, this mashup of the Foo Fighter's classic "Everlong" and Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love" blew me away. Elise Trouw uses looping technology to create a wild sound scape as a one woman band. Pay special attention to her drumming at the end. She makes everything seem so effortless. Check out the full video below.



It's not the heaviest cover I've ever heard but I loved it none the less. What are some of the best cover's or mashup's you have ever heard?