Harness or Not This Is Insanity

They're above an active Volcano.. wait are there inactive Volcanos? Is the scale inactive, active, erupting? When does a Volcano go from inactive to active? It's pretty clear when one goes from active to erupting.. do I need to capitalize Volcano every time? Probably not but I have a tendency to capitalize words I just think are badass... Volcano. HEY anyway this Lady and then her husband did some crazy shit over a Volcano (did it again) and people were pissy because they wore harnesses.. It was on primetime network tv.. what did they expect?? If it was on HBO or PPV sure no harness but this is for families with little kids to watch. People lost their mind over Janet Jacksons left titty a dude falling to his death might get letter.. 

and then if your anxiety wasn't already peaked, it's hubby's turn.

Call him a fraud if you need to but you could put 1000 harnesses on me and I'm not doing that nonsense.