HOLY F*CKIN SH!T!! Alexisonfire are BACK!


So it's been an absolutely epic week for Alexisonfire fans.

Starting Thursday with the announcement of a new record "Otherness" due out June 24th, with that how about a lead single from the first record from the boys in 13 YEARS!! 

Ok so we get a new record and a new song everyone's happy... wait.. there's more? There can't be.. ahhh but there is! How does a 4 day festival in their hometown of St Catharine's over Canada weekend featuring not only Alexis but City and Colour AND some of their closest most badass friends sound?? 

Born & Raised featuring Alexisonfire, City & Colour, Billy Talent, Hot Water Music, Sam Roberts Band, Broken Social Scene, PUP AND MORE!

Single day and a limited number of weekend passes go on sale March 17th!

Yes, you can crash on my couch.

WOOOO Alexis are back bay-bay! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.