HTZ Hounds: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Behemoth and Leviathan


Hey HTZ Nation, Jonathon back with a pair of dogs in search of their Forever Homes in the Niagara Region. I know the latest lockdown's have most of us pretty bummed out and we are missing our favourite Ontario summer institutions. If your family is missing Wonderland, well I have two reminders who would love to come home to your family. From Niagara Dog Rescue, meet Behemoth and Leviathan

This pair of bonded brothers came into Niagara Dog Rescue after their owner passed away of cancer. Now, these senior's are looking for a new family to join where they can grow old together. They are both 7.5 years old, great with adults, kids and other dogs but are looking for a cat free home. They could live in an apartment no problem but these boys would love to have a yard to call their own. 

Behemoth is the bigger of these two Lab/American Bull Dog crosses. He is 100lbs, and stands 24 1/2 inches tall. He has no food agression but will gaurd a bone if given one, has no problem giving up his toys to share. Unsurprisingly, Behemoth is pretty strong on his leash, and will do best walking on his own until he progresses further with his training.

Leviathan weighs about 78lbs and stands 19 3/4 inches tall. On top of his size difference, you can also identify Liviathan from his brother by the white patch on his chest. He also likes to gaurd his bones, but will share other toys no problem. Leviathan likes to know where his owner is and is likely to follow you from room to room. Both Behemoth and Leviathan love to play fetch and rough house like brothers. A strong experienced dog owner is recommended, who can keep the dogs from going too far with eachother. 

If you are interested in adopting these two brothers, you can read a detailed profile here. You can also apply to adopt Behemoth and Leviathan by clicking here. Please share so we can help these two go to their Forever Home soon and remember, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something to help end Dog homelessness.