HTZ Hounds: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Rosita


Hey HTZ Nation, Jonathon here again, ready to try and pair up a lucky listener with a lucky pup. This week's adoptable dog is ready to bring her youthful energy to a forever home. From Niagara Dog Rescue, meet Rosita.



Rosita is a 1 year old boxer mix who weighs about 40lbs. She is in search of her forever home after her previous owner abandoned her at the side of the road after they were told she could not be kept at the owners apartment. Now, thanks to Niagara Dog Rescue, Rosita is searching for the right family she can settle into for good. Volunteers describe her as affectionate and playful.



Rosita is still hanging on to her youthful, puppy energy and would love to be a part of an active home. Her ideal owner will help her learn when its the right time to play like puppy, and when to be calm. She is good with both adults and children, but Rosita will do better with children who are older and experienced with having a dog. Rosita also needs a home with no cats, and fenced in yard with fences higher than six feet as she can be an escape artist.



If Rosita sounds like she could be the right pup for you, read a more detailed profile here. You can also apply to adopt Rosita by clicking here. Have empties from the long weekend piling up? Be sure to reach out to Niagara Dog Rescue to donate your empties. Lastly, remember no one can do everything, but everyone can do something to end dog homelessness.