HTZ Hounds: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Stallone

Stallone Cover

HTZ Nation, Jonathon here, back in search of the perfect homes for some amazing pups. It's been great over the last few weeks to get back to volunteering with Niagara Dog Rescue. I've been helping with walking some of the adoptable dogs who are awaiting foster placement or adoption. One dog has really made a great impression on me and I cant wait to tell you about him. From Niagara Dog Rescue, meet Stallone.



I have had the pleasure to hang out with Stallone a few times while he is in boarding at Martindale Kennels. The guy just loves people, maybe even a little too much, as he immediately tries to jump on me everytime I see him. We are working on it and he does better each visit. Stallone is 4 years and weighs about 70 lbs. He is an American Bulldog/ Lab mix which has given him this big goofy head and the greatest smile. He loves to show that smile off too, always looking up at whoever is walking him, checking in on them.

Stallone's ideal home will have no children under 16 as children can make him anxious. He likes to olay rough with other dogs but does get along with them. He has lived with Cats but he likes to chase them so probably no cats would be best for Stallone. He walks very well on his leash but is still perfecting his leash manners. Attending a training class would be a great bonding experience for Stallone and his adopter, as he loves to please and work for his owner.

If Stallone sounds like the right dog for you, read more about him here. Then, fill out an application here to adopt Stallone. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can apply here to work alongside me or help out in the many ways Niagara Dog Rescue needs us. Remember, no one can do everything but everyone can do something.