HTZ Hounds: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Tito


HTZ Nation, Jonathon back at it with a new pup in need. If you ever been curious about fostering a dog, this article is for you! From Niagara Dog Rescue,  meet Tito!

Tito is in need of a forever or at the very least a new foster. He has made incredible progress in his current foster home, where he lives with multiple adults and loves all of them. Tito enjoys all adults but would do best in a home without children. He can be sensitive to loud noises and quick movements, so an adult home where he Tito can relax is best.

A little about this handsome love bug; Tito is a 3 year old lab mix who weighs about 50 lbs. He is fully crate trained and only really barks or whines when needs to go out or eat. Tito would do best in a home where he is the only pet. He can be afraid of new dogs when first meeting them, and isn't sold on playing with other dogs as whole. If another dog is in the home, they would have to be very calm and well trained. 

Tito has had the pleasure of living with an amazing foster house for the last several months. Due to the foster's living situation changing, Tito needs to find a new Foster or Forever Home in the next two weeks. If you have never fostered, it is an incredibly rewarding experience and Niagara Dog Rescue is commited to making the experience as positive and easy for both you and the pup. You can read more about fostering and sign up to become a foster for Niagara Dog Rescue here. If you are interested in Tito, feel free to read a very detailed profile on this guy by clicking here. If you'd like to adopt Tito, click here.  And remember, no one can do everything but everyone can do something to help end dog homelessness here in the Niagara Region.