HTZ Hounds: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Xabi


HTZ Nation, it's Jonathon here. I've really enjoyed my volunteer time with Niagara Dog Rescue. I'm getting to meet and hang out with so many amazing dogs in need of homes. Last week, I met a new one who I can say from first hand experience, is ready for his forever home. Meet Xabi!

If you couldn't tell from his appearence, Xabi is a Corgi/Shepherd mix, and he weighs about 45lbs. I got to walk Xabi last week and we had a blast. He had a ton of energy and was so excited to get out on the trails with me. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get a good photo of him for this article, but all he wanted was to be next to me. He is incredible affectionate, loves a good pet or a proper brushing. As long as you are giving him love and attention, Xabi is down to be your best friend. 

Xabi is looking for a home with a fenced in yard. For such short legs, the guy can really move, and having space for him to play in is definitely a must! Even though he goes on pack walks with other dogs, Xabi would do best as the only dog in the house. No cats either as Xabi as a high prey drive. He  responds well to commands and corrections, while walking him, rewarding him with physical praise was more than enough motivation for Xabi to complete his commands. The guy really just wants to impress you!

If Xabi sounds like the right fit for your home, read over his very detailed bio by clicking here. Then, be sure to fill out an application to adopt Xabi here. As always, be sure to like and share with friends and family so we can help Xabi go home to a loving family asap. Remember, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something