HTZ Houndz: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Angel and Dixie

angel and Dixie cover

Hey HTZ Nation, Jonathon here. Today, I have a special pair of pups from Niagara Dog Rescue to tell you about. They may be seniors, but don't tell them that. Meet Dixie and Angel. 

Dixie and Angel are mother and daughter who find themselves looking for a forever home after the passing of their owner who has had them since they were young. Dixie, who has more black in her coat, is 9 years old, while her mom Angel, who has a more speckled coat, is 10. Both are Blue Heeler mixes. 

While both girls are considered seniors, they don't really act like it. They both insist on getting up and dancing around when they see their human walk into the room. Their laid back demeanors are perfect for novice adopters or those who are experienced dog owners. They can live in an apartment as long they get their daily exercise. They just want a loving a committed home again. 

Currently in a foster home, both girls are very grateful for the love they recieve. Dixie in particular has Diabetes and recieves an insulin shot twice daily. Which she happily gives a paw for because she understands you are helping her. Dogs are something arent they?


If you would like to read more about these gals, click here to read a full detailed profile about them. Then head over here, to fill out an application here. Even senior girls need to play, which means they'll love what your bring home from Vansickle Pet Valu and Lundy's Lane Pet Valu with 15% off your first purchase. They will be able to help you find treats for your diabetic pup as well to keep her healthy throughout the rest of her life. Lastly, please share Dixie and Angel's story to help them settle into the loving forever home they both deserve.