HTZ Houndz: Adoptable Dog of the Week - Hugo

Hugo Cover

HTZ Nation, it's Jonathon, here again searching the region for forever homes for dogs in need. All these dogs are special to me, but I have had mostly black lab mixes throughout my life. That's what makes the search for this guy's new home extra important to me; from Niagara Dog Rescue, meet Hugo.



Hugo is a 6 year old Black Lab mix who weighs about 60 lbs. He may be middle aged but he can run and play with the best of em. Like most labs, Hugo loves to play catch. He also loves a good game of tug of war. Hugo is described as down to earth, and when he isnt playing, he is perfectly content to cuddle up with his humans. 

Hugo is great with both men and women, and starts offering up face kisses within minutes of meeting new people. He is good with dogs his size and bigger, but does need to work on his manners and learn not to ride other dogs. Hugo's ideal home will have a back yard for him to play with his owners in. Did I mention he is also kind of a goof ball?

If this goofball sounds like the right pup for you, read more about him here. Then head to Niagara Dog Rescue's website and fill out an application. As always, please like and share Hugo's post on social media to help him find his forever home ASAP. Remember, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.