Jason Aldean's SNL Tribute to Vegas Victims and Tom Petty

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Saturday Night Live very rarely breaks format but when they do it's almost always because there was a tragedy that week. This weekend unfortunately was one of those times. Jason Aldean, the country singer that was on stage during the shooting opened the show with a touching tribute to the victims by playing "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty. The song lyrics are very approriate to how some Americans feel after another mass shooting in their country, but it's also a very appriate song because we also lost Tom Petty this week.

Before you start complaining that it's "an insult to Tom Petty" because it's country, rememember what it was for. It's a tribute from an artist who was there when it happened and even though it's in the style of country music I think he does a pretty good job. 

Sorry for the weird crop of the video. NBC and SNL really do their best to make sure people outside of the United Stated can't see their videos so this is the best one I could find.