Marvel Phase 4 Begins with The Black Widow Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been incredible to follow over the last decade plus and now that the 'Infinity Saga' has come to a close it will be interesting to see what comes next as Disney pushes, what was once, the supporting cast out into center stage.. Dr. Strange, Loki, Thor and Hawkeye all have projects on the horizon but phase 4 officially launches in May of 2020 with the return of The Black Widow. It will be cool to see just how John Wick Natasha Romanoff can get.. 

The Black Widow looks BAD-ASS.. 

I have no idea when during the timeline this takes place but I'm sure that will all be sorted out in the coming months. It's been nice to decompress but that's enough.. time to get back to Marvel ass kicking..