Motley Crue Cover Madonna

HTZ - Motley Crue - Madonna - Cover Song - Adam - Ashleigh

Motley Crue's bio-pic 'The Dirt' will be released on Netflix March 22nd and the soundtrack is starting to take form. Of course it's full of Crue classics but it also features 4 new tunes including 'The Dirt' which you may have heard on HTZ. On top of that we now have this.. interesting.. take on Madonna's 80s smash 'Like A Virgin'. Give it a listen and let us know what you think..



Here's the trailer for the movie.. Admittedly it looks like sex, drugs and rock n roll fueled chaos. Perfect. 

Theres a whole lotta kick ass there.. can't wait to see the finished product! 

The dude playing Tommy Lee is Detroit rap rocker Machine Gun Kelly who you can hear on the aforementioned new track from the Crue 'The Dirt'.

And if you don't like that one more video for you.. Machine Gun Kelly getting powerbombed through a table by WWE superstar Kevin Ownes.