Myles Garrett Tried to Kill A Guy on TV

This is wild.. 

During the 4th Quarter of Thursday Night Football Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett tried to murder Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with his own helmet.. 

This is not easy to watch.. 

Browns defensive lineman rips Steelers QB Mason Rudolph's helmet off and hits him in the head with it from r/sports

This is a gots ta go situation for Garrett.. the rest of this season and probably the majority of next year. I can't imagine we'll see the former #1 pick again any time soon.. 

And if you're wondering how much damage a helmet can do.. 


Yeah, so getting hit with a helmet like Mason Rudolph just did looks like it hurts (Via @trissott)

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And that's just some Jabroni swining it - Garrett is a professional monster.. 

What do you think? How long do you sit him down for? Get at me on twitter..