The Watchmen HBO Trailer is Here

As Game of Thrones comes to it's triumphant conclusion it's time to start thinking about whats next. After arguably the greatest show in the history of television comes to an end where does the subscription network go next? 

HBO comedy scene is in excellent shape.. "Barry" is a massive hit, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is gearing up to return and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" is appointment tuning at it's absolute finest. The well isn't completely dry on the drama side "Big Little Lies" will be back and while the show is very good and popular I don't think anyone sees it in the same stratosphere as GOT. So where does HBO turn for that mega tent pole? We may have gotten our answer today.. 

The Watchmen.

Spinning off from the Movie that was (mostly) based on the graphic novel comes HBOs 'The Watchmen'.

It looks interesting. Could be cool. I'm always on board with Don Johnson. Will it be the MEGA hit Game of Thrones is? Anythings possible. 

Tick Tock.