The Zombies Are Coming This 'Black Summer'

Black Summer

My name is Adam and I'm a Walking Dead apologist. I spend my time at parties and online saying the same thing over and over 'Yes, I know it sucked, but it's really good again! You should try it again. It's scarier and better written, way more happens." My pleas often fall on deaf ears and lets be real, rightfully so. TWD had huge potential when it debuted, so much so people pushed through season 2, one of the worst in TV history, only to be let down time and time again. While I truly believe TWD is the best it's been since season 1 I understand fully that people want something different.

Cue Netflix.. 

'Black Summer' looks scary, intense, emotional. Exactly what we want in our Zombie programming. I'll be ready to binge it April 11th.. will you?