When Ranch Dressing Goes Boom!



So the best thing on the internet today is this video of a poor girl dropping a giant container of Ranch Dressing and having it explode in her face. Typically the internet would relentlessly ridicule misfortune like this.. but in an odd and dare I say unprecidented show of support people began sharing their own CCTV mess ups. It's an incredibly rare fun, lighthearted scroll through a twitter feed that may just make your day. 

Click where it says pic.twitter and enjoy the journey! ha

So a couple days ago, one of my coworkers accidentally let 22 quarts of ranch dressing slip out of her hand... pic.twitter.com/cMDwUAqfOZ

— G (@BorboaGrant) March 18, 2019

Laughing at something funny while the people it happened to also laugh at themselves because none of it is a big deal.. what a concept. More of this please.