Rocksearch Frequently Asked Questions




Q: I didn't get an email, how do I know you got my entry? 

A: If you see the message "Success we've received your entry" on the page when you enter, we've received your entry. If you've seen this message and still absolutely need to double check to make sure we got it, send an email to


Q: I don't have enough social media links to fill all of the fields, but your form won't let me go to the next step until I fill them all in.  What do I do? 

A: It's a bug and we're fixing it asap! For now, just type N/A into Social Media fields you would have otherwise left empty.  These are recommended but not required for entry. 


Q: I don’t have a Soundcloud profile.  Can I submit my band camp / Myspace / other links instead?

A: While we do prefer you use Soundcloud to send in your songs, we will accept submissions via another platform provided we can both play the song in the platform AND download the .mp3 file at that direct link. We will not accept links to profiles that require us to search for the song you're submitting. 


Q: For our Musical Submission, can we submit a file format other than .mp3? My .wav tracks sound sick! 

A: We believe you … but we’re only accepting .mp3s in this contest for consistency and compatibility purposes.  Additionally, file sizes need to be smaller than 50MB. 


Q: In the voting portion of the contest, what does "Standard Rates Apply" mean?

A: It's just a shorter way of explaining that whatever your cell phone company charges you to text your friends is what it will cost to text 977-977. If you have unlimited texting on your plan, it's included in that. If you have 100 text messages per month included in your plan, after texting us you'll have 99 left etc. If you don't have texting included or if you've used up your alotted messages, you'll likely be charged a standard SMS rate per message you send to us. 


Q: A member in our band isn’t 19 yet,  but he can totally pass for 19 and will be by the end of the year.  Can we still enter? 

A:  No. All members must be 19 at the time of entry into Rocksearch. 


Q: Your website freezes when I try to submit my entry. Help! 

A: Double check that your band photo file size is below 1MB and try to submit your entry again. If it’s less than 1MB and you’re still having difficulty submitting, contact . She’ll help you out. 


Q:  I want to submit a song as part of my entry that isn’t released yet.  Can you do me a solid and just keep that one private?  

A:  Nope.  Because there’s a voting component to this contest, fans need to be able to review your submission before casting their vote.  In order to do that, we’re posting them all publicly at 


Q: Can I sell my merchandise at the live showcases? 

A: Yes, as long as you provide your own float, staff, product and are performing that night. 


Q: I’m a solo artist, do I have to bring my own band/equipment? 

A: Yes


Q: My brother’s band is really good but he’s really shy and doesn’t want to submit an entry.  Can I submit one for him? 

A: No.  You must have the band/solo artist’s consent to submit an entry.